Vavom™ enables ‘Interesting People’ (AKA celebrities) to self-broadcast streamed videos, pictures and text messages directly to subscribers of their Vavom™ channel.

The service utilises premium SMS with additional iPhone and iPad web apps in the Appstore. Anorak developed the brand identity and concept has been overseeing the projects user experience and will direct the content on launch.

In the digital age, celebrity culture has become both more prevalent and at the same time more diluted. While there are multiple sources for information, none can truly sate the public’s hunger for access. They lack that personal touch and will often have gone through the filter of multiple publicists and editors. They are purely reported (TV, Press), made sterile by any lack of immediacy, or limited in scope by the medium they’re communicated through (Twitter).

In the most part direct communication between celebrities and their fans has become limited to 140 characters, to factual tidbits on tour dates and ‘exclusive’ content, available to everyone. Fans can connect with celebrities through brands, but they want a direct line. They have access through the launch of new trainers, a new watch or the latest album, but they want the person, not the promotion.

There is a proven demand for information and fans are willing to pay a premium when the celebrity gets it right.