Back in 2009 Anorak were enlisted to build a brand around England and Manchester United football legend Rio Ferdinand. The outcome was #5 Magazine, the world’s first multi-platform digital lifestyle magazine. It launched to critical acclaim and has gained an audience to match that of any comparable established brand in the market.

Anorak has since taken it past a singular digital magazine branching out into native iPhone, iPad, Android applications, multiple licenses in different languages, websites, social media channels, email newsletters, events, merchandising and print editions.

#5 now has a combined reach in excess of 14 million subscribers.

We have used Rio Ferdinand’s multi channel digital brand, #5, as an example of our capabilities.

Every aspect of this brand is managed by Anorak from creative through production, development and onto day to day content and social management.

For #5 we manage, report and market all of the social media channels surrounding the brand. This includes the personal channels for Rio Ferdinand (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Weibo) and also the Official channels for #5 (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest)

Anorak created a digital content publishing platform – for #5 Magazine – winning Newsstand App of the Year from Apple. The highest accolade in the industry.

ISSUE 14: Will Smith
ISSUE 16: Jessie J
ISSUE 11: Lewis Hamilton

“Anorak are highly switched on, savvy and commercial individuals who understand how to deliver digital platforms to drive consumer engagement and preference as well as key performance indicators.With an implicit understanding of the customer journey and brands they are an all round and accomplished group of professionals. I would highly recommend.”Philip Toomey, Digital director, Arcadia Group

6,226,565 Twitter followers5,972,351 Facebook fans59,789,538 Youtube views1 Million+ iPad and iPhone downloads372,484 new subscribers per issue578,038 video views per issue

“The publishers have set a very high benchmark with #5 Magazine, this is the future of digital publishing.”

Gagan Kaul,