Rascal Clothing bucks the trend with its relaxed, comfortable and fitted lifestyle garments, with its hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts and shorts combining comfort and style like no other range out there.

Anorak rebuilt the ecommerce website (rascalclothing.com) 3 years ago – they had problems with the site going down due to high volumes of traffic. Since launch sales have tripled with no site outages. One very happy client.

We manage the Rascal Clothing product photography, lifestyle shoots and have recently launched an iPhone application to support the ecommerce store.

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“Anorak are highly switched on, savvy and commercial individuals who understand how to deliver digital platforms to drive consumer engagement and preference as well as key performance indicators.With an implicit understanding of the customer journey and brands they are an all round and accomplished group of professionals. I would highly recommend.”Philip Toomey, Digital director, Arcadia Group