Sabotage Times is an alternative online magazine started in 2009 by Loaded magazine co-founder James Brown. They have a contributor network at just over 2,000 writers who receive payment when articles are syndicated.

Sabotage came to us with their site in December 2012. They had great content, loads of it, a well designed website and a huge amount of traffic. They wanted the site to hit 1 million unique users per month organically (no PPC), they were 60% of the way there. Problem; when they reached high traffic spikes the site and the server would crash. By mid January we had stabilised the site, by March had built and launched a bespoke server solution and by August 2013 we hit 1,002,130 unique users (without a glitch in sight).

“Sabotage Times: The Best Thing On The Web”

249,454 Uniques users in one Day

1,022,450 Page Views in one Week

2,675,144 Visitors in one Month