Welcome to Magnificent Man a joint venture between Bespoken & Bremont Watches.

Time for Bremont began when they embarked on a journey to make beautifully crafted pilot’s watches of exceptional quality. Flying historic aircraft has been in our blood from a very early age, as has our love for watches and all things mechanical.

The timepieces had to be tested beyond any normal call of duty (and not just in the workshop), and of course be immensely precise and durable. We believe they have achieved this with the Bremont collection.

From every day tales of derring-do to revealing interviews with modern icons; celebrating the pioneers of the past to uncovering the true stories of the unsung hero – this visually stunning title is packed with information and advice for the male consumer on adventure, travel, technology, cars, style, leisure activities, food, drink and entertainment.

Magnificent Man’s reportage comprises revealing, investigative pieces into dangerous places and high-octane adventures and the newspaper is rounded off with practical advice to young, intrepid travellers setting out on their first adventure.

Magnificent Man inspires every man to be the very best they can.