Easy Digital Publishing. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Sounds like the kind of thing that streamlines the process so your digital magazine, brochure, catalogue, newspaper, directory or eBook gets maximum impact across multiple platforms with the minimum amount of fuss. It sounds like the future, doesn’t it? Well that’s because it is. It’s the next generation of digital publishing and, what’s more, it’s kind on the user, kind on your budget and kind on the environment.

We’ve been involved in digital publishing since day one, and have experienced the same frustrations with Flash, file conversion and all of the other gremlins that slow down the production processes. We’ve felt your pain, which is why we decided to think again.

Rather than stay behind the curve, we use the cutting edge openweb standard, HTML5, which is backed up by the beautiful iOS reader for the iPhone and iPad. You’ll also be glad to know that should you embrace the future, there is no need to change your production process. Our web based self-publishing system accepts uploaded PDFs or PSDs and converts them into beautiful rich media layouts that are striking on any platform. Once published, your digital editions will be available in your own branded web reader and iPhone/iPad Application.

Of course, if you’re considering getting involved with us then you’ll need to know that we have your interactive and social media requirements covered. Whether it’s audio, video or dynamic data feeds such as a Twitter (to name but a few) we have the widgets that bring your publications to life. We’ll worry about the technical side of things and the ongoing hosting and maintenance whilst giving you real time access to make changes, view detailed statistics and reporting and publish new editions when ever you like through our self serve platform.

Kindmags is a robust, scalable and powerful digital publishing platform that takes care of the nuts, bolts and screws of the matter allowing you to concentrate on one thing and one thing only: creating great content.

It sounds easy, doesn’t’ it?

It sounds like the future…

  1. No need to change your existing production processes – just upload your PDF.
  2. We use the latest in open standards like HTML5 so all browsers can view your content.
  3. Its a 100% hosted solution – you don’t need teams of in house developers, expensive server hosting and delivery charges or months of lead time to get to market.
  4. Market leading interactive features:
    • Full social media integration
    • Deep linking
    • Active web links viewable within the application
    • In built search functionality
    • Bookmarking for easy access to favourite articles
    • High quality, full screen video
    • Audio
    • Animations
    • Dynamic feeds e.g. Twitter timelines
    • Use your own Domain Name.
  5. Additionally a single Domain Name like app.yourname.com could be used for marketing purposes. This Url displays the best version of our application to suit the device you’re on.
  6. A Web version of your title accessible via Mac and PC.
  7. An iPad app version of your title in Apples Appstore (Newsstand if require)
  8. An iPhone app version of your title in Apples Appstore (Newsstand if require)