Moira Benigson

Managing Partner at The MBS Group

"The amazing thing is that Anorak and #5 clearly 'get' social media, something that most business leaders struggle with. The app, his Facebook page, YouTube, website, and official Twitter are all seamlessly linked together—and the numbers are astounding! Rio's website has nearly 2,000,000 visitors from 200 countries. The app has 167,000 subscribers and nearly 300,000 readers per issue, and 8,988,144 checked out a #5 magazine video of Cristiano Ronaldo freestyling on YouTube... phenomenal. Anorak and #5 have also used strategic alliances, including Manchester United and the BBC, to further drive traffic. Many brands and businesses try really hard to achieve success, but the most important element in my mind, is authenticity. #5 certainly has this."